How to upgrade to the lastest version

To upgrade Dynamsoft Camera SDK to the latest version, please follow the steps below.

1. Update DCSResources on the Development Machine

a) Uninstall the old version

  • Search Dynamsoft Camera SDK in Control Panel -> Programs and Features, and remove all the relevant components there.

b) Install the new version


c) Replace the whole /DCSResources/ folder of Dynamsoft Camera SDK

  • Make a backup of the old version /DCSResources/ folder and then remove it;
  • Copy the new /DCSResources/ folder over. Typically, you can find it in:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Dynamsoft\Dynamsoft Camera SDK {Version Number}

2. Update the Licensing Related Code

a) Get Product Key

You can get a trial key from Dynamsoft Support Team. If you have purchased, the purchased product key can be found in the purchasing email that was sent to the registered email/purchaser’s email.

b) Replace the product key

In the file, search for dynamsoft.dcsEnv.productKey. Input the ProductKey.

var dynamsoft = dynamsoft || { dcsEnv: {} };
// Please update your product key.
dynamsoft.dcsEnv.productKey = '5AKDNCIE2832***;6685BAIE2832***';

3. Deploy the new version to the web servers

After you have finished the testing on you dev machines, you can update the changes to your web servers.

Upgrade Completed!

If you need any assistance or have any problem, please feel free to contact us.

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