How can I merge folders quickly and reliably?

Since version 6, SourceAnywhere supports folder branching and merging. In order to merge items quickly and reliably, we suggest:

  1. Ensure Target Branch has no checked out or pinned items

    If items in the target branch are checked out or pinned, they will fail to be updated. Please
    check in
    all items, or
    undo all outstanding check outs, before merging.
    Also, make sure all pinned items are
    before attempting a merge.

  2. Make sure the file you want to merge is mergeable

    In SourceAnywhere, there are two file types: Mergeable and Binary.
    You can find out or change the type of a file via File Properties -> General Tab -> Type.
    SourceAnywhere cannot merge binary files. If the file you want to merge is binary, you??l need convert it to a mergeable file before you can merge it.

    If you want to convert files in bulk, we suggest using our
    File Type Convert Tool.