How to use SourceAnywhere COM SDK in C++

This article introduces how to integrate SourceAnywhere SDK into a C++ application. Please follow
steps below to learn how-to.

  1. Create a Dialog based MFC project
  2. In Visual Studio, create a Dialog based MFC prject and generate user interface like below.

  3. Import SDK
  4. Add a line to import the SDK in your code. See below.

    #import ??:\Program Files (x86)\Dynamsoft\SourceAnywhere SDK\SAWSSDK.dll??/b>

  5. Add Event
  6. In your C++ code, please initialize the COM library. Afterwards, kindly create the object and the instance for the app.

  7. Prepare info
  8. Please introduce parameters for connect and login. Some of them can be assigned by default value if you like.

  9. Connect and Login
  10. Complete the operations of Connect and Login by following the code below. For more info, please refer to the SDK document which can be downloaded from our official website. Download>>

  11. Retrieve Repository
  12. Repositories can be retrieved after successfully login the SourceAnywhere serivce.

  13. Run the App
  14. Now please build and run the app. It should be working like following.

For more info, please refer to Dynamsoft Blog at:
Tutorial: How to Use Dynamsoft SAWS COM SDK in C++

If you need any assistance or have any problem, please feel free to contact us.