How to Source Control SQL Server Stored Procedure using SourceAnywhere in VS 2012/2015?

article indicates how to version control your SQL Server Stored Procedure using
SourceAnywhere in Visual Studio 2012.


follow the steps below:


1.???? Lauch VS
2012 and open an existing SQL Server Database project or create a new one.

2.???? Then your
database is imported in Solution Explorer. Kindly right-click on the project
and go to Import -> Database...

3.???? A dialog
box will prompt.

4.???? Click New
Connection??nd specify the Server and database name in Connection Properties
window. And click OK.

5.???? After finishing
importing the database objects to your VS project, now we can add it to
SourceAnywhere. Firstly, please make sure SourceAnywhere is the current source
control provider at menu Tools -> Options -> Source Control.

6.???? Right-click
on the solution file in Solution Explorer and click Add Solution to Source

7.???? Afterwards,
connection dialog box and add to project dialog box will be prompted

8.???? At this
point, your database is successfully version controlled by SourceAnywhere
through VS 2012/2015. You will find lock icons in your file names in the Solution