Deployment Guide of Issue Tracking Anywhere Free-Installation Edition

To perform the installation, you must be logged in as the system administrator and then make sure that IIS, SQL Server and Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 have already been installed. For details see ITAINstallationGuide.pdf.

1. Download the free-installation edition from

2. Extract

3. Open ITADBInit.sql with SQL Server Management Studio, and execute the SQL query in your SQL server. (You can change the DB name if necessary.)

4. Copy the ITA folder to X:\inetpub\wwwroot, then create a virtual directory in IIS.

5. Run the ITADBConfig.exe file in the ITA folder to finish the configuration.

6. Try to open the Login.aspx file inside the ITA folder with web browser. (E.g.

How to create a virtual directory in IIS for ITA?

i)  Copy the ITA folder to C:\inetpub\wwwroot, then open IIS Manager (Run > inetmgr).

ii) You can find an ITA folder under Default Web Site directory. (If not, right click on Default Web Site and refresh the list.)

iv) Right click on ITA folder and click convert to application. Select Classic.NET AppPool as the Application pool, then click OK.