How to enable multiple checkouts in SourceAnywhere Standalone?

To enable multiple checkouts in SourceAnywhere Standalone, please follow the steps below:

1. Log in SourceAnywhere Standalone Server Manager as Admin. 

If you have not installed SourceAnywhere Standalone Server Manager, You can download it here.

2. Right-click the repository that you want to enable the multiple checkouts, and select Property.

3. Check Allow multiple checkouts option, and click OK.

Please note that you need to re-login the SourceAnywhere Standalone client to apply the change.

4. In SourceAnywhere Standalone client, de-select Always request exclusive locks option at Tools| Options|General tab.

Also, please note only mergeable files can be checked out by multiple users.

To add the file type as mergeable, please go to Mergeable File Type in SourceAnywhere Standalone Server Manager.

For more information on Mergable File Types, please click here.

Please note that the setting will only take effect for the files added afterwards. For files that already exist in SourceAnywhere Standalone, you can change the file type by right-clicking the file and selecting Properties..

5. Also, there is a "Request exclusive lock" option in the Check Out dialog box.