Does SourceAnywhere for VSS support Gemini Issue tracking system?

Yes, SourceAnywhere for VSS supports integration with Gemini Issue tracking system. You can follow the steps below to integrate the 2 products:

1. Copy "CounterSoft.Gemini.SourceControl.VSS.dll" to the installation folder of VSS.

2. Run REGSVR32 CounterSoft.Gemini.SourceControl.VSS.dll.

3. Double-click on "GEMINIVSS.REG" file to install the registry settings (you'll have to change the content of this file to suit your needs).

4. Create a new file called "ssaddin.ini" under the win32 of your SourceSafe client folder and put the following line: GeminiVSS.SourceSafe.1=1. This will ensure that Gemini SourceSafe add-in is used.

You can download the related files from attachment.

When you check in/check out files from SourceAnywhere for VSS, please put GEM:XXX at the start of the comment where XXX is an issue ID (numeric only). This will associate all files part of the check-in with a single issue.