How to integrate SourceAnywhere Standalone with Dreamweaver CS5/CS6?

Since SourceAnywhere 3.0, we added support for integration with Dreamweaver CS5/CS6. You can follow the steps below to enable SourceAnywhere in Dreamweaver CS5/CS6.

  1. Install Windows GUI Client

    Please download the installer from here.

  2. Replace RDS.dll

    In the Client installation directory, find SAWSMXSCC.dll, rename it to RDS.dll
    and replace the one at following directory

    32-it OS: D:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Dreamweaver\Dreamweaver\zh_CN\Configuration\SourceControl

    64-it OS: D:\Program Files\Adobe\Dreamweaver\Dreamweaver\zh_CN\Configuration\SourceControl

    If the DLL is not in the installation directory, please check the path below:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Macromedia\8\SourceControl

  3. Open Manage Sites

    Go to Site -> Manage Site, and click Edit in Manage Sites.

  4. Open Server tab

    In the Site Setup for <site name> dialog box, go to the Servers tab.

  5. Choose SourceAnywhere

    Double click the server, choose RDS for Connect using and click Settings to set the source control connection info.

[Note]: By default, you are not allowed to check out/in a file. You need to check the Enable file check-out option at Site Setup -> Servers -> Advanced.