How to check out and check in a file using SourceAnywhere Standalone COM SDK?

In this article, we take a C# Project as example.

  1. Install SourceAnywhere Standalone COM SDK on your machine.
  2. Add SAWSSDK.dll to the project. In Visual Studio, click menu Project | Add Reference | Browse, browse to the installation folder of SourceAnywhere Standalone COM SDK, select ??AWSSDK.dll??and click OK.
  3. You can use ConnectToServer() to connect to SourceAnywhere Standalone Server, use Login() to log into your account and then use CheckoutFiles() to check out a file and use CheckInFiles() to check in a file.

Here is a demo for your reference. You can try Login, Checkin, Checkout, Undo Checkout, Delete, Add and Get in the demo.

Winform SDK demo for version 4>>