How to get the subproject list under a project using SourceAnywhere for VSS COM SDK?

In this article, we take a VB project as example.

1. Install SourceAnywhere for
on your machine.

2. Please add "SAWVSDK.dll" to the project. In Visual Studio, click menu Project | Add Reference | Browse,
browse to the SourceAnywhere for VSS COM SDK installation folder, highlight and
, and click OK.


There is some problem with the

GetSubProjectsFromParent() function in the old version of
SourceAnywhere for VSS COM SDK. Please download the attached internal version,
replace the old one before using the code below.

3. You can use the

function to connect to SourceAnywhere for VSS Server and

function to log into your account, and then use the

function to get the subproject list.

Here is a sample in VB:

Imports SAWVSDKLib

Public Class Form1
    Dim SdkObject As New SAWVSDKLib.SAWVSDK

    Private Sub Button1_Click_1(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
        Dim ConnectedToServer As Boolean
        Dim EncryptType As Enum_EncryptType
        Dim OnlyTrial As Boolean
        Dim LeftTrialDays As Long
        Dim Canceled As Boolean
        Dim ResultDescription As String

        Dim ResultValue As Long
        ResultValue = SdkObject.ConnectToServer("", 8877, ConnectedToServer, EncryptType, OnlyTrial, LeftTrialDays, Canceled, ResultDescription, 0, "", 0, "dynamsoft", "saw")
        If ResultValue <> 0 Then
            MsgBox("connection fail")
        End If

        Dim KeyInfoSet As New SAWVKeyInfoSet
        Dim MustChangePassword As Boolean
        Dim ExpireDays As Long

        Dim ResultValue1 As Long
        ResultValue1 = SdkObject.Login("dynamsoft", "saw", "common", KeyInfoSet, MustChangePassword, ExpireDays, Canceled, ResultDescription)

        If ResultValue1 <> 0 Then
            MsgBox("login fail" + ResultDescription)


            Dim ResultValue3 As Long

            Dim SubProjectSet As SAWVSubProjectsFromParentSet

            'Read all the subprojects under project "$/ServerProjectName" on server
            ResultValue3 = SdkObject.GetSubProjectsFromParent("$/", False, SubProjectSet, Canceled, ResultDescription)

            Dim ProjectTree As String

            If ResultValue3 = 0 Then
                'If it succeeds to call this method, display the information of the subproject
                Dim Count As Long
                Count = SubProjectSet.Count
                Dim Index As Long
                For Index = 0 To Count - 1
                    Dim SubProject As SAWVSubProjectsFromParent

                    SubProject = SubProjectSet.Item(Index)

                    ProjectTree += SubProject.SubProjectName
                    ProjectTree += vbLf


                MsgBox("Calling 'GetSubProjectsFromParent' function fails.")
            End If
        End If

    End Sub
End Class