How to upgrade to SCM Anywhere Standalone 2.x?

To upgrade from SourceAnywhere to SCM Anywhere Standalone, please refer to

this upgrade guide

For SCM Anywhere Standalone users, you can follow the instructions to upgrade your SCM Anywhere Standalone Server:

1. Stop the SCM Anywhere service.

2. Back up your “SCMAnywhere” database. Also, a dialog box will prompt asking if you want to keep your database during the installation process (as the image in step 5 shows).
3. Run the installer of SCM Anywhere Standalone Server 2.x on your server machine.

4. To upgrade, please click “Yes” in the following dialog.

5. To keep your current “SCMAnywhere” database, please click “Yes” in the following dialog.

6. To enable the latest version of SCM Anywhere Standalone server to use the old database, please click “Yes” in the following dialog.

7. Start the SCM Anywhere service.


To install SCM Anywhere Standalone Client 2.x, please download and run the appropriate installer.

If you encounter any problems during the upgrade, please contact us at