The service of SCM Anywhere Standalone cannot be started.

You may find the Start Service button/menu is grayed out in Dynamsoft SCM Anywhere Standalone Service Configurator. If the issue happens, please try the following things:

1. To start the service via SCM Anywhere Standalone Service Configurator, please run the application as administrator, and then check if you can start the service.

2. You can also start the service in Services. Please make sure the Log On user of SCM Anywhere Standalone service has rights to start the service.

To check the Log On user of a service, please go to Control Panel -> Admin Tools -> Services -> Dynamsoft SCM Anywhere Standalone -> Properties -> Logon tab.


If the Start Service menu/button is fine, but still the service cannot be started. Please check the following things:

1. SCM Anywhere Standalone Server is supported by 64-bit Windows since version 2.1. Please make sure you are not using SCM Anywhere Standalone 1.0/2.0. For more info, please see:'t+I+start+the+SCM+Anywhere+Standalone

2. Please verify the ports of SCM Anywhere Standalone Server are not occupied by other applications. The default ports are 7771/7772.

3. Please make sure the SQL Server service that SCM Anywhere connects to is running and the "SCMAnywhere" database is fine.

You can try starting the SCM Anywhere service manually and see if it works. If yes, the possible cause of the problem is that the SQL Server service hasn't been started when the system attempts to start the SCM Anywhere service. To solve the problem, you can go to "Computer Management -> Services", right-click on "Dynamsoft SCM Anywhere Standalone 2.2" and choose "Properties". Afterwards, go to the "Recovery" tab and change the value of "First failure" from "Take No Action" (default) to "Restart the Service". After resetting the value of "Restart service after" accordingly, you can apply the change and try again.

4. Please make sure the Log On user of SCM Anywhere Standalone service is able to communicate with the SQL server.

5. Check the Write to system log option and start the service again. You can find the detailed errors in the log files under the installation folder of your SCM Anywhere Server.