How to connect to SQL Server or SQL Serve Express?

SCM Anywhere Standalone stores all the data in "SCMAnywhere" database in SQL Server. You can choose to use Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication to connect to the SQL Server. If you are not sure which authentication mode your SQL Server is using, please contact your SQL Server administrator.

You can specify the SQL Server used to store SCM Anywhere Standalone database during the SCM Anywhere Standalone Server installation process.


For SQL Server, you can specify the server IP or name in the Server name edit box.

For SQL Server Express, you need to use the server name or IP address, plus "\", plus the SQL Server instance name. The default instance name is "SQLEXPRESS". So for SQL Server Express, you have "ServerName\SQLEXPRESS" for the Server name edit box.

If you choose SQL Server authentication mode, you should use the "sa" account or any other accounts that can play System Administrators roles in SQL Server.  

After the installation, you can change the general properties of the SQL server through SCM Anywhere Standalone Service Configurator->Server Info->SQL Connection tab.