How to improve the performance of SourceAnywhere Hosted?

Generally, for the performance issue of SourceAnywhere Hosted, please check the following things:

1. Please make sure the network is OK.

2. Enable delta transfer by checking Use Delta transfer for data transfer at SourceAnywhere Hosted Client menu Tools -> Options -> General Tab.
For more information on delta transfer, click here.

3. Make sure the temp folder of SourceAnywhere Hosted is not protected by any anti-virus software.
The temp folder is defined here. The default temp folder is "C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Dynamsoft\SourceAnywhere Hosted\temp".

4. When you have more than one developer working on the same project at the same remote location, you may need SourceAnywhere Hosted Cache Server. SourceAnywhere Hosted Cache Server is an optional caching system. It is used to cache copies of requested server files, thereby improving the client responsiveness.

5. Choose Broad band connection as the Connection Type at the client side Tools -> Options -> General Tab.