How to make the structure of a Visual Studio project created in SourceAnywhere Standalone the same as the structure in my local disk?


When you add a solution to SourceAnywhere Standalone via Visual Studio, the project structure created in SourceAnywhere Standalone is different from the structure in your local disk. For instance, when you add a project which is located at c:\Project2005\Project1 to SourceAnywhere Hosted, the path of the solution in the source control tool is $\Project1\Project2005\Project1.


When you add a solution to a version control server, Visual Studio creates the project structure this way.


You have two options:

1. Taking the folder structure created by Visual Studio. You can add the solution to SourceAnywhere through Visual Studio. The project structure will be created in SourceAnywhere by Visual Studio. This is what you have now. You can then set the local folder, where the solution file resides, as the working folder of the subdirectory of Project1 in SourceAnywhere Standalone Client, so you work on the same local file when performing Get/Check Out/Check In in Visual Studio and SourceAnywhere Standalone Client.

2. Keeping your local folder structure. You need to add your solution to SourceAnywhere through SourceAnywhere client, not Visual Studio. After that, you open the solution in Visual Studio and use the menu File->Source Control->Change Source Control to bind your local solution and project to the folders in SourceAnywhere.