How to integrate SourceAnywhere for VSS with Delphi?

SourceAnywhere for VSS can be integrated with Delphi with SourceConneXion, which is a plug-in that allows source control integration with RAD Studio, Delphi and C++ Builder.

In this article, we take Delphi 7 for example.

Please follow the steps below to integrate SourceAnywhere for VSS with Delphi:

1. Install SourceConneXion for Delphi 7 to enable source control feature in Delphi.

SourceConneXion can be downloaded here:

2. Open Delphi and create a new project.

3. Click the Source Control menu and choose the default Source Control Provider. Here we choose SourceAnywhere for VSS.

You can change it at menu Source Control->Tools->Options->Providers later.

4. Right-click the project in Project Manager window, click Source Control menu and click Add Project <no.> to Source Control.

5. Two dialog boxes will be prompted for you to log into SourceAnywhere for VSS.

6. Choose where to add the project.

6. Now you can find SourceAnywhere for VSS source control options from right-click menu of an item and under the Source Control menu.