How to upgrade from SourceAnywhere Standalone to SCM Anywhere Standalone?

Since SCM Anywhere Standalone 2.0, Dynamsoft provides a tool which allows the migration from SourceAnywhere Standalone database ("SourceAnywhere") to SCM Anywhere Standalone database ("SCMAnywhere").

You can follow the steps below to upgrade from SourceAnywhere to SCM

1. Back up your "SourceAnywhere" database. You can find the
back-up option at SQL Server| Databases| SCMAnywhere| (right-click)
->Tasks->Back Up

2. To migrate the SourceAnywhere data to SCM Anywhere, you
can download the migration tool

Before running the migration tool, please verify the following

4. Run SAWMigrateToSCM.exe on the machine which can access the SourceAnywhere Standalone database.

5. Purcahse upgrade here to get the SCM Anywhere license.

NOTE: Migration from SourceAnywhere to SCM Anywhre is free if you have valid Yearly Subscription.

6. Download and install the SCM Anywhere Standalone products.

7. Uninstall SourceAnywhere Standalone.