How to configure Field Rules?

Field Rules Configure allows us to manage which field's value will change automatically and what rules the change will follow during a certain transition.

This is a possible scenario: We would like to configure rules for the Resolved By and Resolved Date fields, so that the Resolved By field is filled with the user name and the Resolved Date is filled with the time when a user changes the issue state from Active to Resolved.

Here are the steps we can follow to configure the rules:
1. In Fields Management, add the Resolved By and Resolved Date fields to the issue type, say, bug.

Note: The field type of Resolved By and Resolved Date is Common Field. If you want to set rules for a custom field, you need to add the filed in Fields first.

2. In Form Management, add the Resolved By and Resolved Date fields to the form.

3. In Workflow Management->Transition Management, highlight and select the active->resolved transition, and then click Field Rules Configure.

4. In Field Rules in Transition, add the fields Resolved By and Resolved Date.

5. Highlight and select Resolved By, choose Copy by clicking the option box, and then click Configure.

6. In Copy Rule Configure, select the Current User opton and click OK.

7. Add a copy rule for Resolved Date.

Now we can verify the rules through changing an active bug to closed.

8. In Issue Tracking Explorer, create a new bug.

9. Change the state of the bug from Active to Closed, and we can see the Resolved By and Resolved Date fields are filled with the current user name "test" and the current time.