How to use SourceAnywhere Standalone with PowerBuilder?

SourceAnywhere Standalone supports integration with PowerBuilder. Please follow the steps blow to use SourceAnywhere Standalone with PowerBuilder:

1.Create a new workspace and add some files in PowerBuilder.

2.Right-click the Workspace object in the System Tree and click Properties.

3.Go to Source Control tab and select Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Standalone as Source Control System.

4.Specify your user name of SourceAnywhere Standalone as User ID and specify your working folder as Local Root Directory.

5.Click the ellipsis button next to the Project textbox, the following dialog boxes will be prompted for you to log into SourceAnwyhere Standalone.

6.Select a project in the project tree to place the PowerBuild project and specify Project Name in the Add to Dynamsoft SAW Standalon Project dialog box.

7.Click OK/Apply in the Properties of Workspace dialog box.

8.Right-click the Workspace object and click Add to Source Control to add the PowerBuild objects to SourceAnywhere Standalone.

9.Now when you click an object in source control, you will see source control options of SourceAnywhere Standalone.