I cannot receive the notification emails.


In SCM Anywhere Standalone, after you added receivers for an event in Notification Management, the receivers still cannot receive the notifications as expected when the event occurs.

Notification Management can be found at Admin Explorer | SCM Anywhere Standalone | Team Projects | <Project Name> | Issue Tracking | Issue Types | <Issue Type> | Notification Management.

In this article, we take the event Issue Created as example.


1. The email server is not configured properly.
2. You configured Notification Management in one team project, while you created an issue in another team project.
3. You configured Notification Management for an issue type, while you created another issue type in the team project.


1. Restart the Service to see if it helps. You can go to SCM Anywhere Standalone Service Configurator-> Service Control to restart the service.
2. After you configured the email server in Admin Explorer, please click Apply to save the changes and click "Send Test Email" to make sure the email server configuration works. For more info, see here.

3. Make sure Send frequency is NOT set to "Never".

4. Check if there is any failing record regarding this issue in the database "SCMAnywhere". If there is no record here, it indicates that the email has been sent successfully. If the receivers cannot receive the email, please make sure the receivers' email server is not blocking the emails from your email server in SCM Anywhere Standalone.

5. Make sure the event occurs in the same team project where the notification management is configured.

6. Make sure you are creating the same issue type for which the notification management is configured.

7. Make sure you are checking the correct email address of the receivers.