How to troubleshoot SourceAnywhere for VSS performance issue?

If you experience performance issue when using SourceAnywhere for VSS, please check the following things:

  • Please make sure the network is OK.
  • Please place VSS database on the same machine (in different physical disks) or in the same LAN with SourceAnywhere for VSS Server.

    Due to the design SourceSafe API, when SourceAnywhere for VSS Server and VSS DB are not on the same machine and if the network between the two servers is not very fast, the performance of SourceAnywhere for VSS degrades somehow.

  • Please exclude VSS database folder and the temp folder of SourceAnywhere for VSS Server from the protection of Antivirus software/firewall.

    For information on how to determine the temp folder of SourceAnywhere for VSS Server, please click here.

  • If SourceAnywhere for VSS Client access the Server remotely, please check the Use compression for data transfer option in Tools->Options->General and choose Broad Band Connection as Connection type. This way, SourceAnywhere for VSS will do compression and group small files before transferring.

    If SourceAnywhere for VSS Client and Server are in the same LAN, please uncheck the Use compression for data transfer option and choose Local Connection as Connection type.

  • Check Use Delta transfer for data transfer in Tools->Options-> General for remote access. More Info
  • When you have more than 1 developer working on the same project at the same remote location, you can try SourceAnywhere for VSS Cache Server.
  • Check CPU Usage and Memory through Task Manager to see if you have enough CPU and Memory on the machine.
  • Use faster hard disk on VSS database and SourceAnywhere for VSS Server machines.
  • For big operation like getting a large amount of files, it may take a little long time to get the file for the first time. After that, it will be much faster as there is cache.
  • Place the SourceAnywhere for VSS Server temp folder in the different physical disk from where VSS DB resides.
  • Check the Memory Cache Setting in Server Manager. 1/16 of the total physical memory is recommended.