How to use Shelve/Unshelve to work on a file on multiple machines?

When do I need Shelve/Unshelve?
In the following 2 senarios, you may find Shelve/Unshelve useful:

1. You are working on a file, and something else with higher priority happens. You want to save the changes to the server, but the files are not ready to be  checked in.

2. Your team has a strict policy: all files checked into server need to be viewed by the manager first.

How to use Shelve/Unshelve?
1. You can perform Shelve in the Pending Changes window.

2. Type a name for the shelveset, and "Preserve Pending Changes Locally" if you do not need to further edit the file.

3. Choose "Undo checkout but keep local copy" if you want to leave the local copies.

4. To unsheve the shelveset on another machine, log in SCM Anywhere Hosted as admin or yourself, click the Unshelve icon.

5. In the Unshelve dialog, find the shelveset and click Unshelve.