How to get a smoother import from SourceSafe to SAW Standalone?

The following is a list of our suggestions for a smoother VSS import:

  • Install VSS Import Tool on the same machine where the SQL Server that you are going to store SourceAnywhere database resides. *
  • Run VSS 6.0d (Build 31222) or VSS 8.0 on the machine with the VSS database.
  • Run VSS database analysis tool to ensure the health of your VSS database.
  • Do not continue to use the VSS database and the SourceAnywhere Standalone repository during the import.
  • Give up the project labels you do not actually need.
  • Branch any shared files you do not wish to be shared after the import.
  • Unpin any pinned items you do not wish to be pinned after the import.
  • Purge any deleted items that are no longer needed (or recover them).
  • Undo check out or check in checked-out items. 
  • Backup the old VSS data by archiving. You may take a look at this article for more information:

*Please NOTE
1. Installing VSS Import Tool on the same machine where SQL Server resides is recommended but not necessary because VSS
Import Tool can connect to SQL Server from another machine for the
importing task.

2. You will need to install VSS (6.0d or 8.0 are
preferred) on the machine where the VSS Import Tool is installed because the tool need to use the VSS API to communicate with the VSS Database.