How to make SourceAnywhere for VSS service and IIS use port 80 at the same time?

If your SourceAnywhere for VSS server machine only has port 80 open and it has IIS installed, you can follow the steps below to enable SourceAnywhere for VSS service to use 80: 

1.Assign two IPs for your server machine. Here I use and

2. Make sure the IP setting for IIS is specified as All Unassigned.

3. Find httpcfg.exe. If it's not on your system, it can be installed from [Windows 2003 Setup location]\Support\Tools\SUPTOOLS.MSI.

4.In the console, go to the folder where httpcfg.exe resides.

5. Set HTTP service to listen to 80 of by running command "httpcfg set iplisten -i".

6. Run command "httpcfg query iplisten" to check if the configuration is successful.

7. Restart the machine. 

8.Open SourceAnywhere for VSS Server Manager, go to Serve Info->General Setting, set Server IP as and specify a port as 80. Here I use the unsecure port.

9. Restart SourceAnywhere for VSS Server to make the change take effect.

10. Now you can connect to SourceAnywhere for VSS server by inputting Server: and Port: 80 in the Connect to Server dialog box.