How to share files using SourceAnywhere Standalone in FoxPro?

SourceAnywhere Standalone MSSCCI client does not have share feature. However, you can share files via SourceAnywhere Standalone client for workaround. For example, you have 2 FoxPro projects, and you want to share program3.prg file in share project to foxpro project . Here are the steps you may follow to accomplish the task:

  • In FoxPro, add share project to SourceAnywhere Standalone.
  • In SourceAnywhere Standalone client, share program3.prg file from share project to foxpro project .
  • Get program3.prg file to the local folder of foxpro project.
  • In FoxPro, open foxpro project.
  • Add program3.prg file to foxpro project by clicking Add in Project Manager.

  • Select program3.prg file in the local folder of foxpro project .

  • In the Add to Source Control dialog box, highlight program3.prg file and click OK

  • Click Yes in the following dialog box.

At this point, program3.prg file should have been shared to foxpro project. You can verify this by right-clicking the file and clicking Source Control Properties->Links tab.