How does SourceAnywhere Standalone work with FoxPro?

After you add a project to SourceAnywhere Standalone via FoxPro, a .pjm file will be generated in the local project folder. Based on the information in the .pjm file, the integration generates local copies of the .pjx file and .pjt file for each user. When you add/delete a file in the project , the local .pjm file will be modified. To update the .pjm file on server, please click FoxPro menu Project->Source Control->Update Project List. The .pjm file will remain checked out after you perform the update command. 

To make the .pjm mechanism work correctly, you should observe the following guidelines:

  • Do not add the .pjx or .pjt files to SourceAnywhere Standalone. You can use the Excluded File Types feature to specify the file types to be excluded from the repository.
  • Enable multiple checkouts in the SourceAnywhere Standalone Server Manager SourceAnywhere| Repositories| <repository name>| Property.
  • Never check in the .pjm file.
  • When choosing Join Source Control Project inside FoxPro, you receive a message that the .pjm is already checked out to another user. Choose Yes on this message.