How to get a FoxPro project under source control of SourceAnywhere Standalone to local?

If User A has added a FoxPro project to SourceAnywhere Standalone, User B can follow the steps below to get the project to local:

  1. In  SourceAnywhere Standalone client, get the .pjm file to the local folder.

  2. In FoxPro, get the project to local by clicking File->Join Source Control Project.

  3. In the prompted Connect to Server and Login dialog boxes, type the correct confidential.

  4. In the Get Project from Dynamsoft SAW Standalone to Local dialog box, type the project local path and browse to the FoxPro project folder in the project tree.

  5. In the Join Source Control Project dialog box, highlight the .pjm file and click OK.

  6. Then the project files will be got to user B's local folder.

After you add/delete a file in the project , the local .pjm file will be modified. You can use Update Project List to update the .pjm file on server.