How to add a FoxPro project to source control of SourceAnywhere Standalone?

To add a project to source control of SourceAnywhere Standalone, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open the project in FoxPro.

  2. Select Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Standalone as the active source control provider in the Tools->Options->Projects tab. To set SourceAnywhere Standalone as the default SCC provider, you can click Set As Default button.

  3. Add the project into SourceAnywhere Standalone by clicking menu Projects->Add Project to Source Control.

  4. In the resulting Connect to Server and Login dialog boxes, type the correct confidential.

  5. In the Add toSourceControl dialog box, choose the files to add to SourceAnywhere Standalone. Click OK.

  6. In the Add toDynamsoftSAWStandaloneProject dialog box, select a project in the project tree to add the FoxPro project. Click OK.

At this point, the project should have been added to SourceAnywhere Standalone. You can verify it in the  SourceAnywhere Standalone client. Also, you will find that a .pjm file is generated and checked out to the project local folder.