Why is the working folder information lost?


After you re-installed the operating system or changed the SourceAnywhere Standalone server IP/port, you may find the working folder info you set before is lost.


The working folder information is stored in a SV file under C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Dynamsoft\ SourceAnywhere Standalone folder.

It is named with server name_port_repository name_username.SV, such as demo.dynamsoft.com_7777_Default_dynamsoft1.SV.

If you changed either one of them, or you delete the SV file somehow, the working folder information will be lost.


If the issue is caused by changing the SourceAnywhere Standalone server IP/port, you can rename the server name and port of server name_port_repository name_username.SV to your current server IP and Port to retrieve the working folder.

Or, you need to reset the working folder.