What components should I install for a trial evaluation?

At a minimum, you need to install SourceAnywhere Standalone 3.0.1 Windows Client.?With it,?you?can connect to our demo server: demo.dynamsoft.com:7777.

For more information, please refer to:

To?set up your own testing environment on Windows, the following main components of SourceAnywhere Standalone?are needed:

  • SourceAnywhere Standalone 3.0.1 Trial Server (VSS Import Tool included)
  • SourceAnywhere Standalone 3.0.1 Server Manager
  • SourceAnywhere Standalone 3.0.1 Windows GUI Client (with Visual Studio IDE integration and command line client)

If you want to run SourceAnywhere Standalone on platforms other than Windows, you will need Java Client. It can run on any platform that SWT (Standard Widget Toolkit) supports, such as Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, AIX (PPC/Motif), HP-UX (HP9000/Motif) etc.

All the components can be downloaded from the SourceAnywhere Standalone download page.