How to use Visual Diff/Merge feature in Mac client of SourceAnywhere Hosted?

We do have Visual Diff/Merge features in Mac client of SourceAnywhere Hosted. To make it work, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Flex Builder Window| Preferences| Team| Dynamsoft SAW Hosted Options| External Program.
  2. In Application for merge, specify the path of MergeHero.jar. The default location of MergeHero.jar is in the SourceAnywhere Hosted client directory.
  3. In Arguments for Three-way Merge, please input the following string: java -jar "%DIFFMERGE_TOOL%" -merge "%BASE_FILE%" "%THEIRS_FILE%" "%YOURS_FILE%" "%RESULT_FILE%"
  4. Click OK.

For more information about Diff/Merge, please check out the following articles: