How to configure SourceAnywhere for VSS to access a VSS database on another machine?

The path to VSS database can be configured through the Databases tab of SourceAnywhere for VSS Server Manager, as seen in the following figure:

If the VSS database is located on a different machine from the one hosting SourceAnywhere for server, the path to srcsafe.ini should be a UNC pathname of the shared VSS database, for example, \\\Shared\VSS\srcsafe.ini.

To avoid some common issues that may occur during this configuration, we recommend you verify the following things before configuring the Database tab:

  • If you specify a local user as the Log On user, please verify this username also exists on the machine where VSS database resides and the passwords of these two users are identical. Meanwhile, you need to verify the user on the VSS machine has read/write permissions and read/change share permissions of the VSS directory.

    Please click here for information about how to check Security setting of a Windows folder, and click here to see how to check Share Permissions setting of a Windows folder.

  • If you specify a domain user as the Log On user and SourceAnywhere for VSS Server is installed in the same domain as the one hosting VSS database, please verify this domain user has read/write permissions and read/change share permissions of of the Visual SourceSafe (VSS) directory.
  • No mapped driver letter is used to specify the path to srcsafe.ini, since the mapped driver may not be available for SourceAnywhere for Visual SourceSafe (VSS) service.

    If you map \\ServerName\ShareName to driver Z:, for example, you should use the full network path \\ServerName\ShareName\SuorceSafe\srcsafe.ini to specify the path to srcsafe.ini, rather than Z:\SourceSafe\srcsafe.ini.