How to integrate SourceAnywhere Standalone with SQL Server Management Studio?

To integrate SourceAnywhere Standalone with SQL Server Management Studio, we can follow the steps below:

1. Install SourceAnywhere Standalone Windows GUI Client on the machine hosting SQL Server and SQL Server Management Studio.

2. Open SQL Server Management Studio, and click menu Tools -> Options -> Source Control. In the Source Control page, select Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Standalone as the current source control plug-in.

3. Open an existing project/solution or create a new one through the SQL Server Management Studio menu File. Then open the solution explorer by click menu View -> Solution Explorer.

4. Add the solution/project into source control by right-clicking the solution/project file and clicking Add Solution to Source Control menu. The following dialog box will prompt out:

5. In the Login dialog box, please type the UserName and Password, select the Repository and click OK.  In the Add to Dynamsoft SAW Standalone Project dialog box, select/create a project in the project tree:

6. You can add new item/ existing item/ new connection/ new query by right-clicking the project file and click Add. These items will be in the Pending Checkins window. After checking in, the items will be under source control by SourceAnywhere Standalone.