Performs OCR on local files directly.


.Addon.OCR.RecognizeFile(FileNames, asyncSuccessFunc, asyncFailureFunc);


<string> FileNames: Specifies the local paths of the target files. If multiple files are given, they should be separated by the '|' character. E.g. "C:\\1.png | C:\\2.png". All the supported file formats are tiff (G4 / LZW / jpeg), jpeg, PDF, BMP,
jpeg2000, jbig, jbig2, png, pda, pgx, xps, wmp, opg, max, awd, dcx, pcx.

<OnOCRFileSuccess function> asyncSuccessFunc: callback function triggered when OCR is executed successfully. This is where you get the OCR result.

OnOCRFileSuccess Function Prototype
string FileNames Returns the file paths.
OCRResult Result The OCR result for the image.

<OnOCRFailure function> asyncFailureFunc: callback function triggered when executing OCR fails.

OnOCRFailure Function Prototype
int ErrorCode Returns the error code.
string ErrorString Returns the error string.
OCRResult Result The OCR result for the image.