How to upgrade

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If you have finished the development with the trial version, please simply replace the license key with the one sent in the email along with the installer. Below is a sample code for inserting the keys:

TwainManager m_TwainManager = new TwainManager("<The license for TWAINScan Module>");
PDFRasterizer m_Rasterizer = new PDFRasterizer("<The license for PDF Module>");
PDFCreator m_Creator = new PDFCreator("<The license for PDF Module>");
BarcodeGenerator m_Generator = new BarcodeGenerator("<The license for Barcode Generator>");
Tesseract m_OCR = new Tesseract("<The license for OCR Module>");

If you are new to Dynamic .NET TWAIN, please install it from the installer in the email and follow the guide in {installation folder}\Documentation\Dynamic .NET TWAIN 7 Developer's Guide.pdf and create the application.

From v7.0,the SDK has been completely re-constructed and separated into a few independent modules. Therefore, this new version is very different from any previous version. If you are upgrading from v4.x/5.x/6/x to v7.x, we would suggest that you refer to the v7 Developer's Guide and start from scratch.